Power Distribution

Distribution networks are the smaller roads and paths that deliver electricity to its final point of consumption: Europe's households and businesses. Around 260 million European customers are connected to electricity distribution grids. Around 2,400 electricity distribution companies employing 240,000 people across the EU are responsible for providing a high level of reliability and quality of supply to their customers. A thorough explanation of how DSOs operate electricity networks can be viewed here

Our work on power distribution focuses on smart solutions for operating distribution networks in a smarter way such as Active Distribution System Management, Smart Grids, Smart Meters, the electrification of transport and the relevant standardisation processes. DSO investment needs and the appropriate economic and technical regulatory framework to facilitate and proactively incentivise investment are also at the core of our distribution activities. EURELECTRIC’s vision about the role of DSOs can be viewed here

We also provide input to the development of European-wide network codes that will affect distribution networks.