Wholesale Markets

Wholesale _marketslA fully competitive and integrated European energy market is the best mean to deliver competitive prices for end-consumers and deliver cost-effective decarbonisation of the European economy. To this end, it is critical that we move rapidly towards the completion of the Internal Electricity Market (IEM) through the full implementation of the third energy package, the integration of wholesale markets across all timeframes, the integration of renewables in the market, and the development of interconnections where cost-benefit analyses show a clear economic benefit. 

In addition to this, as our industry further strives to decarbonise Europe and promote renewable sources of energy, it remains necessary to deliver to citizens the secure, reliable and cost-efficient energy supplies they need to keep their homes and businesses running.

EURELECTRIC therefore actively  contributes to the EU debate on security of supply and the definition of a future-proof market design for the electricity sector. To dig further into our latest recommendations see in particular our report "Electricity market design: fit for the low-carbon transition", our response to the DG COMP sector inquiry's consultation and our amendment proposals to the Security of Supply Directive.




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