Financial Regulation

Financial _regulationThe use of financial instruments allows energy companies to manage the financial uncertainty on European energy markets. EURELECTRIC fully supports the EU’s objective to bring more transparency and market integrity in the energy sector. 

It is also important to ensure that the financial regulation takes into account the specificities of energy markets - mostly driven by the need to optimise and mitigate risks related to underlying physical assets - to avoid disproportionate obligations and rules which could harm the liquidity of our markets, and have negative impacts on the real economy.

While we welcome initiatives such as the Guidelines on Fundamental Electricity Data Transparency and REMIT, we closely follow the developments taking place in financial regulation, e.g. on OTC derivatives and central counterparties (EMIR), markets in financial instruments (MiFID) and market abuse (MAR) to evaluate any disproportionate impact this legislation can have on the energy markets.


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