Network Codes

network codes

In application of the third energy package, and based on ACER’s framework guidelines, ENTSO-E develops a series of binding codes and guidelines detailing technical rules applicable to the electricity and gas markets. In the electricity sector, they govern all cross-border market transactions and system operation, alongside EU directives and regulations, with the objective of fostering EU-wide competition and ultimately completing the Internal Electricity Market (IEM). Most codes have now been adopted and the focus is primarily on the implementation process. 

As a member of the Market and Grid Connection European Stakeholder Committees and soon of the System Operation European Stakeholder Committee, EURELECTRIC closely follows the actual implementation of network codes and guidelines through constant dialogue with ENTSO-E (for electricity), ENTSOG (its gas counterpart), ACER and the European Commission.

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Network codes 2


IEM: Internal electricity market
NCs: Network Codes 
GLs: Guidelines