The EURELECTRIC Energy Wisdom Programme (EWP)

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The EURELECTRIC Energy Wisdom Programme (EWP) is a voluntary initiative launched over ten years ago. Since 1998, it has been the key platform for electricity companies to report on their innovative projects aimed at reducing carbon emissions and at improving energy efficiency.

In the context of the EU's 2020 energy-climate objectives and ambition to achieve a carbon-neutral power supply by 2050, the programme is an ideal place for electricity companies to demonstrate how they are tackling the challenges ahead.

This 6th edition of the EWP (2012 - 2013) particularly highlights how electricity companies are helping to reduce CO2 emissions and to enhance energy efficiency beyond the power sector - in transport, industry, buildings and consumer behaviour.

The EWP establishes a reporting and monitoring system to evaluate and document the environmental performance of the reported projects. Since it was established, electricity companies have saved over 730 Mt CO2 eq. in more than 600 projects across Europe. The 2012 - 2013 edition sets out the results for reporting cycle 2010 to 2011.

During this period, 16 companies reported over 150 projects that led to energy savings and/or GHG emissions reductions. Each company highlighted one to two projects: both on the supply and the demand side. Thanks to these innovative projects, they have reduced approximately 99 Mt C02 eq. and saved over 24 Mtoe in primary fuel.

Main results of the 2012-2013 EWP Edition

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  • Launch of EURELECTRIC’s Sixth Energy Wisdom Programme

    Interviews with Members of the European Parliament at the launch of the last edition of EURELECTRIC’s Energy Wisdom Programme (2012 – 2013)