Past Events

  • EURELECTRIC Annual Convention 2015 EURELECTRIC Annual Convention and Conference | Berlin, 01-02 June 2015
    Join us for two days of lively debate on how the digitally empowered customer is fuelling rapid change in the energy market, in turn sparking new opportunities for utilities and customers alike. Utility customers, once seen as a monolithic group of … Visit dedicated site

  • Data, the gate to a smart energy system EURELECTRIC Conference | Brussels, 21 May 2015
    Electricity data exchange is indispensable for the proper functioning of the smart energy system and will be a key means of creating new value. It is not a new phenomenon for power system players. There are two categories of data, the one related to… Read more

  • The MENA Energy Transition: How to get investments right? EURELECTRIC Conference | Brussels, 06 May 2015
    EURELECTRIC, Arab Union of Electricity (AUE) & MEDELEC will organise a conference to address energy investment challenges and options for improvements in the MENA region. The latter consists of the Maghreb countries, but also Egypt, Jordan and Qa… Read more

  • Smart Charging: steering the charge, driving the change EURELECTRIC Seminar | Brussels, 24 March 2015
    The next Talking Smart Grid workshop will be dedicated to the potential of  smart charging for electric vehicles. Electric vehicles can disturb the power system in a major way, adding additional peaks to the already observed variable renewables peak… Read more

  • Capacity Markets - delivering security of supply in the Internal Energy Market (IEM) EURELECTRIC Conference | Brussels, 04 March 2015
    As EU member states continue to take steps forward in the integration of electricity markets, new challenges arise from EU energy policy decisions. The 2030 framework deepens the EU ambition of decarbonisation. Alongside, increasing concerns over sec… Read more

  • The Future is distributed: a DSO Perspective Joint DSO Conference | Brussels, 19 February 2015
    The energy transition corresponds to an unprecedented overhaul of the traditional power value chain. The development of decentralised generation transforms the traditional one way street from supply to demand into a, a bi-directional one, and bring… Read more