Past Events

  • Unveiling the Electricity Highways Project Results: "Europe's Future Secure & Sustainable Electricity Infrastructure" EURELECTRIC Workshop | Brussels, 03-04 November 2015
    The European Commission and the e-Highway2050 consortium are pleased to invite policy makers, regulators, system operators, manufacturers, planning and academic experts to the presentation and discussion of the final results of the e-Highway2050 proj… Read more

  • At the Crossroads: The future of the European electricity market EURELECTRIC Conference | Brussels, 29 October 2015
    Through the energy Summer Package, the European Commission is developing its vision on the transition of the electricity system and consulting stakeholders on the future energy Market Design, preparing the ground for  a new legislation next year. As … Read more

  • Cybersecurity in Electricity Distribution Grids EURELECTRIC Workshop | Brussels, 15 October 2015
    The "Talking Smart Grids" workshops initiative was launched in 2012 and consists of a series of practical workshops, each of them focusing on a specific technology. The initiative aims to gather experts from different sectors to contribute to the fut… Read more

  • To Paris and beyond EURELECTRIC Conference | Brussels, 16 September 2015
    All eyes are turned to Paris in expectation of a new global agreement on climate change. The decision by G7 leaders in early June to decarbonise the global economy by the end of the century underlines the urgency and importance of tackling the global… Read more

  • Hydropower - supporting a power system in transition EURELECTRIC Conference | Brussels, 22 June 2015
    European countries have committed to gradually reducing greenhouse gas emissions whilst ensuring an affordable and secure supply of energy for European consumers. In this context, the power sector will have to deliver a particularly high share of the… Read more

  • Unlocking investments in the downstream market – a market framework Sustainable Energy Week Event | Brussels, 18 June 2015
    This event will present EURELECTRIC's ideas on downstream market design in the framework of the EU energy & climate policy.  Developments in the downstream energy market are crucial to achieve the EU policy objectives of sustainability, competit… Read more