Past Events

  • Launch Event for the TSO-DSO Data Management Report Launch Event | Brussels, 19 September 2016
    In a decentralizing energy system and with a more active role for energy customers, effective coordination between TSOs and DSOs becomes increasingly important to ensure cost efficient, sustainable and reliable system operation and to facilitate mark… Read more

  • Empowered consumers at the core of the power system transition EURELECTRIC Conference | Brussels, 16 June 2016
    Driven by smart, digital, renewable, efficient and cool technologies and innovative business models, supported by decarbonisation policies (for 2020, 2030 & beyond), the energy industry is progressively moving towards a more decentralised, sust… Read more

  • The Benefits of Electrification in Decarbonising Heating & Cooling EURELECTRIC Breakfast Meeting | Brussels, 15 June 2016
    European policymakers are currently in the process of exploring options for a pathway to decarbonise industry and non-ETS sectors by 2050.  What is needed to achieve cost-efficient decarbonisation? As has already been stated by the European Commissio… Read more

  • EURELECTRIC Annual Convention & Conference 2016 - "E-lectricity: the power sector goes digital” EURELECTRIC Annual Convention and Conference | 06-07 June 2016
    The air is e-lectric. Conversations are buzzing about the “internet of things”, the internet of just about everything. As the hum gets louder, the cloud-based applications that this revolution is based on is dramatically transforming our everyday liv… Read more

  • Electricity market design: fit for consumers and decarbonisation EURELECTRIC Conference | Brussels, 21 April 2016
    The electricity sector is changing drastically: customers are taking control while decarbonisation is progressing at full speed. In this new world, is the design of our electricity market appropriate? Can it deliver on European energy policy goals of… Read more

  • Innovative DSOs in a decentralised energy system Joint DSO Conference | Brussels, 12 April 2016
    In 2014, the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission estimated that distribution system operators (DSOs) had invested EUR 700m in smart grid technology over the past 10 years. Research and demonstration projects are paying off, allowing DS… Read more