Past Events

  • "Power talks" - Clean Energy Package "Power talks" event | Brussels, 26 April 2017
    The Clean Energy Package (CEP) for all Europeans has arrived on the desks of the European Parliament and the Council, starting a debate that will shape the future of the energy sector: a new design both for wholesale and retail markets, more room for… Read more

  • Power to the People - Electrification of the European Economy EURELECTRIC Conference | Brussels, 19 April 2017
    As the energy needs of modern society evolve and the focus shifts from access to sustainability, security and affordability, electricity is ready to reveal its true potential. Firmly moving toward carbon neutrality and sustainability, electricity is … Read more

  • Islands: Part of the solution to Europe’s 2030 Climate and Energy Challenges EURELECTRIC Workshop | Brussels, 20 February 2017
    As Europe moves towards the implementation of its 2030 climate and energy agenda and the broader Energy Union objectives, the European electricity sector fully recognises that islands will play an important role in ensuring their success. In this con… Read more

  • Winter Package Impact on DSOs EURELECTRIC Conference | Brussels, 07 November 2016
    Innovation incentives in DSO regulatory frameworks, the new DSO role and the concept of a new "DSO entity" are key topics in the new energy market design. As the European Commission prepares its ambitious legislative initiative for the end of this ye… Read more

  • The Winter [Package] is Coming: Getting the Energy Union Right EURELECTRIC Conference | Brussels, 27 October 2016
    In anticipation of the upcoming Winter Package, EURELECTRIC is holding a high-level conference to discuss the strategic options that lay ahead in achieving the Energy Union.  The event will consider the various proposals and documents from the Europe… Read more

  • A Customer Focused Energy Business: Positioning in a Changing World EURELECTRIC Partner Event | Brussels, 05 October 2016
    OBJECTIVES OF THE DAY For existing industry members and potential disruptors to discuss alternative business models for the energy sector; To understand where the most commercially viable future lies; Widening the discussion to other companies, by i… Read more