Past Events

  • EURELECTRIC's Power Summit: "Watt's Next? New Players, Products and Peers" EURELECTRIC Annual Convention and Conference | Ljubljana, 04-05 June 2018
    EURELECTRIC’s Annual Power Summit is the leading forum where the power sector’s ecosystem connects, offering unique networking opportunities for European and international power sector executives as well as business stakeholders and partners alike. T… Visit dedicated site

  • Launch of the report on Flexibility for the energy transition: a toolbox for electricity and gas DSOs EURELECTRIC Partner Event | Brussels, 27 February 2018
    Join us for the launch event where we will present our joint report - on Electricity and Gas Flexibility – providing a holistic approach on how DSOs can use flexibility and thus contribute to the transition towards decarbonisation, and a set of solut… Read more

  • Power Sector Vision event EURELECTRIC Conference | Brussels, 08 February 2018
    On 6 December, EURELECTRIC announced a new long term Vision for our industry, committing our sector to accelerate the clean energy transition and to taking a lead role in Europe’s decarbonisation efforts towards the Paris Agreement. Power sector lead… Read more

  • The Value of Storage for the Clean Energy Transition EURELECTRIC Conference | Brussels, 07 December 2017
    Energy storage is hot. Energy storage is gaining huge momentum with rapidly expanding companies, full commercialisation of technologies, declining costs and increasing customer adaptation. These signal its growing impact on the energy transition.  Ad… Read more

  • Power Talks – The Just Transition to Clean Energy in Europe "Power talks" event | Brussels, 05 December 2017
    The European Social Partners in the electricity sector recognise the need for rapid and coherent action to decarbonise the economy to tackle climate change and its negative impacts on environment, society and economy. The Paris Agreement makes refere… Read more

  • #ENERGY4.0 - When Internet Meets Energy Joint EURELECTRIC-Pöyry Event | London, 09 November 2017
    The #ENERGY4.0 conference will showcase startups which are using digital platforms to revolutionise the way the energy system operates. We will examine the latest offerings from companies operating in the peer-to-peer, behind the meter, and electro-m… Read more