PricesRising power prices are of major concern throughout Europe. The component of the electricity bill which is dedicated to policy costs and taxes, decided by national governments, increased by 71% between 2008 and 2015 (European average), turning bills into financing tools for policies unrelated to electricity (e.g. customers can sometimes pay for public television charges in their electricity bills).
EURELECTRIC is deeply committed to clarifying what really drives up the consumer bill and in finding constructive solutions to simplify and improve the electricity bill, make it more consumer friendly, while at the same time triggering a more efficient participation of consumers if they choose to do so.

Making sense of your electricity bill















Building on these findings, EURELECTRIC recently published a report on retail pricing which proposes new ways to convey the regulated elements of the bill – network charges and policy support charges - to consumers, taking into account their specific needs and their consumption level.



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