EURELECTRIC Secretariat Agenda

With a view to further enhancing the transparency of its activities, EURELECTRIC publishes here an overview of meetings held with high-level officials of the EU institutions. Key papers and documents discussed at these meetings are linked below (for more, please also visit our publications webpage).

Date Location EURELECTRIC met Subject(s)
09/03/2016 The Hague, The Netherlands Wieger WIERSEMA, Senior Policy Advisor, Directorate-General for Energy, Telecommunications and Competition Energy Market department, The Netherlands' Council Presidency

Meeting on market design

02/03/2016 Brussels, Belgium Jytte GUTELAND, MEP, ENVI

EU ETS Reform

04/02/2016 Brussels, Belgium Lanfranco FANTI, Assistant Policy Officer, Cabinet of Commissioner Karmenu VELLA - Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, EC

Discussion on LCP BREF

19/01/2016 Brussels, Belgium Jeroen STEEGHS, Environment Attaché, Netherlands' Council Presidency

Meeting on:

  • COP21 Outcome & Follow Up
  • EU ETS legislative proposal
  • ESD legislative proposal
  • NEC Directive discussions
  • Circular Economy (Waste proposals)
  • “Make it Work” Initiative
  • Primary Energy Factor
14/01/2016 Brussels, Belgium Herbert KRAJENBRINK and Lineke DEN OUDEN, Energy Attachés, Netherlands' Council Presidency

Meeting on:

  • Market design & RES
  • Level of taxes/levies on electricity bills
  • Heating & cooling strategy
  • Primary energy conversion factor
13/01/2016 Brussels, Belgium Angelika MLINAR, MEP, ITRE

Meeting on New deal for energy consumers (Policy brief, What really drives your bill up brochure leaflet)

12/01/2016 Brussels, Belgium Fredrick FEDERLEY, MEP, ITRE EU ETS Rapporteur

Meeting on EU ETS with the ITRE EU ETS rapporteur team

12/01/2016 Brussels, Belgium Werner LANGEN, MEP, ITRE

Meeting on market design (Policy brief on market design, slides, Ideas for the ITRE market design report)

12/01/2016 Brussels, Belgium Pavel TELIČKA, MEP, ITRE

Meeting on market design (Policy brief on market designslidesIdeas for the ITRE market design report)