EURELECTRIC Secretariat Agenda

With a view to further enhancing the transparency of its activities, EURELECTRIC publishes here an overview of meetings held with high-level officials of the EU institutions. Key papers and documents discussed at these meetings are linked below (for more, please also visit our publications webpage).

Date Location EURELECTRIC met Subject(s)
24/04/2017 Brussels, Belgium Gerben-Jan GERBRANDY, MEP, ALDE

EURELECTRIC’s initial impressions on the CEP and the Climate Change files (ETS & ESR)

10/04/2017 Brussels, Belgium Morten Helveg PETERSEN, MEP, ALDE

Clean Energy Package

29/03/2017 Brussels, Belgium Maroš ŠEFČOVIČ, Vice President Energy Union, European Commission

Clean Energy Package, ETS reform and electrification

07/03/2017 Brussels, Belgium Bendt BENDTSEN, MEP, ITRE

EPBD Revision

06/03/2017 Brussels, Belgium Benedek JAVOR, MEP, ENVI & ITRE

EED Revision, ETS, ESR

02/03/2017 Brussels, Belgium Miapetra KUMPULA-NATRI, MEP, ITRE

Clean Energy Package discussion on EPBD, EED Revision and the Climate Change files

28/02/2017 Brussels, Belgium José BLANCO LOPEZ, MEP, S&D

Discussion on RES Directive

28/02/2017 Brussels, Belgium Davor ŠKRLEC, MEP, ENVI

Clean Energy Package

09/02/2017 Brussels, Belgium Dominique RISTORI, Director General, DG ENER, European Commission

Clean Energy Package